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The Author Footprint Index (AFI) is an innovative analysis that allows you to calculate how prolific authors are in contributing to the literature of their field.


ATA calculates associations between the specified term and other terms in the selected column, considering their co-occurrence patterns. Mathematically, it computes correlations measures to quantify these associations.

Wordcloud App

A word cloud visually depicts the most frequently occurring words within a text. More common words appear larger and more prominently in the word cloud.


Co-authorship networks visualize collaborative connections between researchers. Nodes in the network represent individual authors, while edges connecting nodes indicate instances of co-authorship on academic publications.

Ekşi Sözlük Scrapper

It is a tool that enables you to extract data from Ekşi Sözlük and analyze this data. The data can be downloaded in Excel format.

Dergi Park Scrapper

It is a tool that lets you download and analyze the latest journal issue on the Dergipark website. Data can be downloaded in Excel format.